In order to properly qualify human resources for teaching, research and technological development and develop research in its area of concentration, Pospetro has as general objectives:

  • develop scientific reasoning in professionals qualified in geochemistry of oil and the environment, in order to form a critical mass that is able to face the challenges pointed out by the private and public sector with regard to the difficulties envisioned for the oil and environmental sector in brazil and the world;
  • establish a Graduate Program that, by developing integrated research related to the themes of oil and the environment in the State of Bahia, can consolidate and become a model not only in the Northeast/North of Brazil, but for the country and the world;
  • produce new scientific and technological knowledge related to organic and inorganic geochemistry in the solution of environmental problems and petroleum geochemistry, producing qualified scientific works.

Pospetro's specific objectives are:

  • to study organic and inorganic geochemistry as an effective tool in the evaluation and remediation of environmental impacts caused by the oil industry;
  • apply geochemical methods in oil and environmental studies;
  • develop geochemical, biogeochemical and geobiotechnological methods for remediation of areas contaminated by oil activities;
  • use processes to assess ecosystem contamination and environmental risks through the integration of physical, chemical, biological and human aspects;
  • intensify and detail research on areas affected by pollution from oil activities, especially in the Brazilian NE;
  • produce advanced knowledge in the area of Geosciences, generating critical mass and technologies of global applicability from the studies carried out in the region;
  • qualify professors, technicians and professionals in the area of Geosciences and other related, at master's and doctorate levels, with the purpose of developing teaching, research and extension;
  • promote national and international exchange with other university graduate programs, or Research Centers, in order to enable students and teachers to exercise the constant exchange of information and dissemination of the knowledge produced, also contributing to the internationalization of the Program.
  • This Master's and PhD Students also relate aspects of petroleum geochemistry and the environment, with multi/interdisciplinary characteristics, covering three dedicated fundamental poles:
  • understanding the origin of oil, its composition and storage in natural reservoirs, analytical methods and the nature of scientific knowledge;
  • evaluation, remediation and management of the environment in the face of anthropic activities, with emphasis on those related to the oil industry;
  • the application of geoprocessing tools, statistical techniques, modeling and field activities.

In line with Pospetro's objectives, several actions have been continuously developed with regard to improvements in its academic and research infrastructure, the training of personnel and integration with undergraduate and other postgraduate courses, the generation of patents for technological innovation, the execution of projects directly linked to the course, institutional exchanges and partnerships, local, regional, national and international.