Mandatory Activities

The mandatory activities in the Doctorate, all under the responsibility of the Advisor, are:
The activity GEOC45 - THESIS PROJECT should be held in the semester of admission of the student. The Pospetro Secretariat is responsible for the enrollment of the newly enrolled student. The Pospetro Coordination holds meetings with the students enrolled every semester for guidance on the documents to be delivered by the end of the school semester. The Thesis Project must be delivered to the Secretariat of Pospetro, printed and bound, together with the Evaluation Form completed by the Advisor, until the last week of the end of the school semester so that referrals are given for consideration by the Collegiate.
From the second semester of the student, he must enroll in GEOC44 - GUIDED RESEARCH, until completion of the course. Until the last week of each school semester, the Advisor must send the Secretariat of Pospetro the Oriented Research Evaluation Form.  
GEOC58 - QUALIFICATION EXAM must be completed by the 18th month after the registration of the student, with public defense of project, and the necessary procedures should be performed by the Guiding Professor through instructions given by the Collegiate.